The first Café Justo (formerly Just Coffee) cooperative was formed in 2002 by members of the Lily of the Valley Church in Agua Prieta. Our first pound of coffee was roasted, ground, packaged, and sold to market that year. We have since teamed with cooperatives across Mexico eager to pursue a new model, not just for growing coffee, but for roasting, marketing, and selling the beans as well. Doing so has revitalized rural communities and has kept families together. We have been joined by partner congregations across the United States who are striving to make a positive impact on both sides of the border. Called to Quality High mountain plots. Volcanic soil. Shade-grown plants. Hand picked, higher quality beans. Tasty blends. Café Justo coffee tastes better because we grow it that way! A Sustainable Wage Members of Café Justo cooperative are paid $1.60 more for each pound of coffee – higher than even Fair Trade standards, and roughly three times the 35 to 50 cents that growers are typically paid by standard commercial operations. Interested in purchasing coffee grown in a fair and just manner? Visit to learn how or contact Adrian Gonzalez, Director of Customer Relations, at (520) 364-3532.