Building relationships and understanding between peoples of two countries is at the heart of our ministries and partnerships. We facilitate the crossing of physical, cultural, political, linguistic, and economic borders, through the interaction of people of diverse backgrounds, and through biblical reflection in the light of our realities. We do this through the hosting of more than 40 mission delegations each year from churches, universities, and organizations throughout the U.S. We seek to raise awareness that in our faith tradition our struggle is not against individuals, the “flesh and blood,” but rather against political, economic, and social systems, “powers and principalities.”

It is our hope that in building relationships and understanding, those most affected by the current policies can unite to struggle for change—that people will be active in their communities and nations in the struggle for more just laws and economic relationships, and that they will be more welcoming of immigrants in their own communities, because in the biblical faith tradition we recognize that we are all to “welcome the resident alien, because we too once were aliens” (Leviticus 19:33-34).

To learn more about how you can be involved in relationship building, visit our Mission Education page.