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You can get involved in our ministries in so many ways—by praying for our ministries, by buying and serving Café Justo in your homes, churches, and organizations, by traveling with us to Chiapas for an immersion trip, by visiting and getting to know our ministry partners. You can also advocate for fair and just immigration reform. And you can participate in humanitarian care activities on the border. We also invite you to attend our Posadas in Advent and to walk the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday.


Prayer is central to who we are. We invite you to pray with us for all suffering on both sides of the border. We recognize that fear, hatred, tension, and division in our communities and the deaths of over 6,330 migrants in our deserts between 1998 and 2014 is not God’s will. We pray for the day […]

Cafe Justo

The first Café Justo (formerly Just Coffee) cooperative was formed in 2002 by members of the Lily of the Valley Church in Agua Prieta. Our first pound of coffee was roasted, ground, packaged, and sold to market that year. We have since teamed with cooperatives across Mexico eager to pursue a new model, not just […]

Building Relationships

Building relationships and understanding between peoples of two countries is at the heart of our ministries and partnerships. We facilitate the crossing of physical, cultural, political, linguistic, and economic borders, through the interaction of people of diverse backgrounds, and through biblical reflection in the light of our realities. We do this through the hosting of […]

Just Trade Center

The Just Trade Center exists to reproduce the success of the first Café Justo/Just Coffee cooperative. In addition to the Café Justo of Salvador Urbina, Chiapas, there are three additional cooperatives in Mexico: El Aguila, Chiapas; El Piñal, Veracruz; and El Cordón del Jilguero, Nayarit. Recently, the Just Trade Center has worked with Cafe COCANO […]

Bi-National Ministry

Our staff and board of directors are made up of individuals from both sides of the border. We are called to work together across national boundaries to address our common concerns as sisters and brothers equally created in the image of God. We believe that as we seek solutions, we should do so with the […]

Micro Credit

We recognize that much of the current crisis has unjust economic relationships at its roots. Many persons and local communities do not have power to make economic decisions and do not have access to credit in order to begin community cooperatives and businesses that can help sustain local economies and prevent individuals from being forced […]

Humanitarian Care

Frontera offers humanitarian assistance to migrants crossing the Sonora desert in Northern Mexico following Jesus’ mandate: “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger and you invited me in.” In 2003, a record number of migrants, 40, died […]

Advocacy for Immigration Reform

We encourage participants in our Mission Education Ministry to contact their representatives to express their concern over the rising death toll in the desert. Since 1995 over 5,000 individuals have died crossing the U.S./Mexico border In September 2001, our bi-national board sent a letter to the President and Congress of the United States, encouraging reform […]

Border Songs – Movers, Shakers, and Prayers

Inspired by his time as the U.S. Coordinator with the Migrant Resource Center and intern with Frontera de Cristo, Jordan Bullard composed a seven song album which highlights the problems facing our migrant brothers and sisters. •Common Wealth •Burning Boy •Three Legged Man •Geronimo’s Daughter •La Paz •Walker’s Prayer •The River All proceeds benefit the […]