The Health Ministry of Frontera de Cristo has provided health education and service in the New Progress confra105Community for over 15 years. The primary areas of focus are the following:

  • Prevention of cervical uterine cancer and breast cancer through education and administering of pap smear and breast exams
  • Dental hygiene through screening and education in the community schools, primary dental care and follow-up
  • Control of high blood pressure and diabetes through screening, nutritional education and support groups
  • Promotion of good hygiene through participatory education for students and parents in the community kindergarten and elementary schools

The newest project is facilitating the coming together of the medical communities from both sides of the border to work together to expand health care availability to under-served communities. Sponsored by the Flying Samaritans, Seguro Social, Centro de Salud and HealthDouglaPrieta Trabaja, this monthly health clinic began in September 2008 and brings doctors, nurses and students to serve the community in need. During these clinics participants have the opportunity to recieve a variety of care from Dermatologists, Pediatricians, Psychiatrists and general medicine practitioners.