JTC_LogoThe Just Trade Center exists to reproduce the success of the first Café Justo/Just Coffee cooperative. In addition to the Café Justo of Salvador Urbina, Chiapas, there are three additional cooperatives in Mexico: El Aguila, Chiapas; El Piñal, Veracruz; and El Cordón del Jilguero, Nayarit. Recently, the Just Trade Center has worked with Cafe COCANO and Just Haiti to bring the Fair Trade PLUS model to Haiti.

The farmers of Café Justo and the Just Trade Center have consulted with two communities in Haiti who are forming their own cooperatives. In all over 120 families are involved and have no need to migrate from the lands they love. All cooperatives are based on the same unique model; a model in which the farmers are the owners of the business. These farmer-owners benefit from the most value added steps in the process, the roasting. In addition to paying themselves well above fair trade minimums for the green bean coffee, the farmer-owners ensure that all farmers in the cooperative have health insurance and retirement benefits.

Elimination of the intermediaries (responsible for the sale of coffee to large companies) enables the cooperative to receive more money for their product while providing their customers with an excellent coffee.