The Migrant Resource Center is a partnership of many different people and organizations working together toward the common goal of helping migrants. Migrants, especially those who have been recently deported, have many basic humanitarian needs—a fresh pair of socks, a burrito, help making a phone call home, and maybe some basic medical attention for dehydration and blisters. We help inform migrants of their options, including helping them obtain reduced price bus tickets so that they may return to their place of origin. Another important part of the Center’s work is abuse documentation, which we use to better understand the situation migrants face, and in some cases, help victims of crimes pursue legal options.

There are a number of organizations at work to ensure the success of the Migrant Resource Center. These organizations include:
• Frontera de Cristo
• La Sagrada Familia Catholic Parish, Agua Prieta, Sonora
• No More Deaths—Tucson
• No More Deaths—Phoenix
• Centro de Derechos Humanos del Migrante

The Center’s coordinator is Betto Ramos from La Sagrada Familia Parish in Agua Prieta.

View the The Mural at the MRC that was painted during “Responding to an Exodus” conference, November 8-10, 2019.

Read about the new location of the MRC, just a block from the Raul Castro Port of Entry.