The Mission Education Ministry focuses on building relationships and understanding across borders. This ministry facilitates the crossing of borders of over 400 persons a year to enter into relationship with their sisters and brothers from Mexico. The ministry helps churches, presbyteries, seminaries, and individuals reflect and act biblically and theologically on what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ when borders divide.

chiapas_tourIn addition to faith-based organizations, Frontera also works to provide immersion experiences to universities, leadership groups, and schools. These immersion experiences help individuals to develop a greater understanding of border realities, the phenomena of migration and our connection to one another across borders.

Through its mission delegation ministry, newsletter, and speaking engagements both in the United States and Mexico, the ministry grapples with how to respond faithfully to the immigration crisis. In addition, the ministry has developed a workshop entitled “Immigration and the Churches Responses’” that has been facilitated in churches on the border and in the interior of the United States.

The ministry also facilitates border to border mission delegations of the Presbytery de Cristo with the theme: “Coffee, Migration, and Faith.” Click HERE for more Immersion Opportunities.

For more information on how you too can be involved in our Mission Education Ministry please view our Mission Delegation Manual .