Frontera de Cristo is led by a bi-national board who seeks to discern God’s will for the ministry. The board is made up of an equal number of people from Mexico and the United States.

Jeni O’CallaghanJeno O'Callaghan Board Pres, President
Verde Valley, AZ

Jeni O’Callaghan, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, has been visiting Mexico all of her life, entranced by the “friendliness, love and spiciness” of Mexican culture. Currently residing in Camp Verde, Arizona, where she is a member of Verde Valley Presbyterian Church, Jeni has served as a board member of Frontera de Cristo since 2005. She travels five hours to attend board meetings, motivated by her belief that “Frontera makes a difference on both sides of the border by enriching lives, mutual respect, teaching and more.” She encourages everyone to escape from their traditional way of seeing things, visit Frontera’s border ministry and support new border church development, reform of immigration law and decreased violence.


Monika Patience Board TreasurerMonika Patience, Treasurer
Bisbee, Arizona




Carmina Sanchez Board Secretary Carmina Sanchez, Secretary
Agua Prieta, Sonora




Shirley Jewell Board memberShirley Jewell
Douglas, Arizona

Born in Raton, New Mexico (pronounced RAT’n), Shirley Jewell migrated to Douglas, Arizona via Burlington, Iowa in 1965. She is a member of First Presbyterian Church. Growing up with Spanish speaking friends, she loved this opportunity to renew her speaking skills with Mexicans, make new friends and enjoy the dry climate. Board meetings in Mexico are a five mile roundtrip drive. Shirley has served on the board since its inception in 1986, the excitement of this service having given her a “wonderful new devotion to God, and it has not abated.” Shirley’s dream is to see expansion of services along the border as more churches and existing helping organizations become aware of the work that Frontera de Cristo is undertaking. Volunteers coming to serve on both sides of the border can help make this a reality.


John Fife Board Member John Fife
Tucson, Arizona




Ramon Garcia board memberRamon Garcia
Hermosillo, Sonora




Felipe Barandiaran
Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua


Jorge Pazos
Nogales, Sonora